Mindvalley Reunion 2017

San Diego | Aug 19 - 20

    Join Mindvalley's Best Teachers for a Gathering of Extraordinary Souls

    Join us for a weekend of learning, celebration and transformation as we bring to you the Mindvalley Reunion. We are bringing together amazing teachers you might have encountered online on the Mindvalley Academy plus a few special celebrity guests.

    Be one of 800 to join Mindvalley's largest event yet. Expect to meet like minded souls and have tons of fun, Mindvalley-style. 

    • Two content-packed days with a few surprises
    • Meet and connect with amazing authors.
    • A Cocktail Reception hosted by Vishen Lakhiani. 
    • Join the community of thousands as we start this personal growth movement, fueled by you.
    • Connect and bond with like-minded souls from 50+ countries. 
    • PLUS: A pre-event workshop with Lisa Nichols will be available for free on Friday before the reunion starts.
    Vishen explains what to expect at Reunion 2017

    Words from Vishen Lakhiani

    a Reunion 13 years in the making...

    It's now been over 13 years we have been running Mindvalley as a company. But this year we began to realize that we aren't a company at all...

    As Mindvalley has grown the BIGGEST thing our community says we do for them other than extraordinary ideas is the fact that we connect them to extraordinary friends. 

    From our online tribes at with Mindvalley Quests, to festivals like Mindvalley A-fest, connection and bonding has been a key part of our DNA. 

    Our community is about amazing people who see growth as a goal. Who understood that self-improvement is a part of life. But more so, the Mindvalley community is about applying your fine-tuned mind, body and soul to actually make an impact on the world. To cause a ripple effect in our tribes: families, friends, communities, companies.

    This community, 2 million strong, is now more alive than ever. A community of people who see us united as a human species. And our annual reunion is where we unite to explore how we can be the greatest versions of ourselves, and create a massive positive impact on the world. 

    Welcome to the Mindvalley Reunion. I hope you join this group of 800 coming this August for a weekend of transformation.

    What We'll be Covering

    with some of the best teachers in the world

    We often hear from people that education has failed them. School teaches you to be safe. But 'safe' is far from extraordinary. 

    Rather than create a life that's a masterpiece, our education churns our people designed to lead similar lives. 

    Don Miguel Ruiz, our special guest speaker at Mindvalley has written many of the world's greatest books on spirituality. His books like 'The Four Agreements' and 'Mastery of Love' although written 19 years ago, still top best-sellers list today.

    Don Miguel Ruiz once told Vishen. "My books are based on Toltec wisdom. You know what Toltec means? It means 'artist'. This wisdom is about being the ARTIST of your own life and turning your life into a work of ART."

    Beautiful words right?

    Yet our education thus far does not teach us to create lives that are works of art. Instead, it teaches us to create lives that look that we simple photocopied a standardized 1970 version of what living should be. And so so many of us live far below our potential. 

    But what if you could bring new found wisdom, energy and power into all dimensions of your life?

    And boost this with new-found friends.  

    This is where the Mindvalley Reunion comes in. 

    The Mind to Unlock Possibilities

    The Body to Support Possibilities

    The Spirit to Expand Possibilities

    The Impact to Create Possibilities

    For the entire two days of the Reunion, we are bringing to you amazing teachers you might have had a chance to learn from online. We gather 800 of you together for a live experience like no other. We create the space for you to connect and bond. We already have seen what happens at A-fest when 400 people get together to learn, grow, connect and transform together. We know the experience will be amplified when we invite you to join us. 

    Vishen sharing insights from the stage

    Meet like-minded souls

    And no Mindvalley event is complete without a proper time to socialize. In the evening, we will be gathering at the beautiful venue to share learnings and bond in a more relaxed atmosphere. We know most people get their breakthrough when having amazing conversations over or after dinner, so expect to make special friends. 

    Evening socials where people connect and bond

    Speakers & Sessions

    Your Teachers for this Event

    and what they will share

    1. Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley

    As the author of Code of The Extraordinary Mind, Vishen will take the stage and share some of his latest insights. He continuously challenges his Models of Reality and Systems for Living and will share with you on what works and what doesn't.


    2. Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Energy Medicine

    Donna Eden and her husband David Feinstein run the world’s largest Energy Medicine School. They have trained more than 100,000 students (including physicians, nurses, and other mainstream health professionals) and you are about to experience their training as well at the reunion.


    3. Eric Edmeades, WildFit

    When Eric takes the stage, he always amazes the audience. He will make you question some of the beliefs you have around fitness and nutrition. Expect a shock from some of the discoveries he has made on his pursuit to help humans re-gain control of their health.


    4. Jeffrey Allen, Duality

    Jeffrey always delivers amazing teachings as one of the top rated authors on the Mindvalley Academy. A man who can "see" energy, he has learned how it works and shares with the world how you can use it to empower every area of your life.


    5. Jon Butcher, Lifebook

    The man who has so many successes under his belt. His secret? He has a roadmap on how to achieve greatness in every area of your life. Learn from the man behind Lifebook, a system used by Vishen himself and resulted in the creation of Mindvalley you know today.


    6. Marisa Peer, Uncompromised Life

    Marisa Peer is Mindvalley's favorite hypnotherapist with her course is one of the most raved about products we have. She is the pionneer of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and you'll get to see her share the methods from the stage. Find yourself liberated from past experiences that still plague the soul and get the drive to live the life you truly deserve.


    7. Plus Special Guest: Lisa Nichols

    Lisa has been a long time member of the Mindvalley family. Having never missed an A-Fest, she always takes the stage by storm. During the reunion, Lisa will bring some of that magic back to San Diego as she will be here for your next breakthrough.

    PLUS: A pre-event workshop will be available for free on Friday before the reunion starts. (more information below)


    Special Guest

    Don Miguel Ruiz

    Author of The Four Agreements

    Bonus Pre-Event Workshop

    Lisa Nichols on Friday the 18th

    Available for free to all Reunion Attendees

    On friday 18th of August, Lisa Nichols will host a pre-event workshop during the afternoon for all the attendees for Mindvalley Reunion.

    Leading transformational speaker and best-selling author Lisa Nichols will run a workshop entitledHow To Inspire Millions While Generating Millions ” on Friday, August 18th, from 2.30PM-6.00PM.

    This special workshop, normally valued at around $1,000, will be offered complimentary to Mindvalley Reunion attendees.

    Lisa, CEO of Motivating the Masses, will work in an intimate setting share powerful training on how to create and sustain a system of success in personal and professional life.

    Your time with Lisa will be full of interactive, experiential exercises that will awaken your soul and super-ignite your passion. Get ready to experience a radical shift in mindset designed to accelerate your growth, dreams and ambitions. In this workshop Lisa Nichols will skillfully blend transformational personal development training with cutting edge experiential.


    Lisa Nichols will deliver a pre-workshop.

    We will also keep you energized with organic, non-GMO, cold pressed juices - courtesy of Suja Juice!

    The Venue

    San Diego Marriott Mission Valley

    8757 Rio San Diego Drive San Diego California 92108 USA

    Here is what people had to say

    about our first experimental event in San Diego, August 2016 (back then called "Extraordinary Summit")

    I worked with some of the best in the world... and Vishen is next level.

    I am very involved in personal growth. I've been to many events including A-Fest and Mindvalley's first event in San Diego last year. I find it wonderful the teachers he brings to the stage always share these insights in their own niche I didn't know about before. There is this whole world I didn't know, that I didn't know – but I always learn more about it at Mindvalley events.

    Rock Thomas
    President, Rock Thomas International

    If you have the opportunity to come, you will never regret it.

    Everything about this event is amazing. Everyone in the room is so positive and Vishen is just someone you must meet. I invite everyone to come. I've learned so much and I want to learn more.

    Norma Furriel
    Independent Contractor

    Claim your Seat

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    Amazing stories from last year's event

    Case Study 1

    “The results of attending have shaken my world at the core”

    For the last few years I have visioned large groups of people having radical experiential transformation. I recognize that the experience we participated in is going to impact and shift humanity, and to KNOW this, I am humbled, and drenched in gratitude.

    This week I was able to get clear on a huge decision I was making. I let go a job which on paper was the most logical and financially sound, but didn't value my out of the box unorthodox marketing promotion -which uses serious intuition and trust. This job was also going to allow me to work with my husband/best friend/partner in evolution. More than the money it was stepping away from the adventure of business with him that's what tore at my heart.~his work has taken him so far from me for the last four years...I miss engaging with him outside of kids and family life.

    I resigned Thursday morning and fully stepped into the other job I have been working part time that is aligned and on board with my purpose and passion. The magic/gift is that she asked me to come in as a partner in the business with interest and salary vs a consultant with commission. We have already begun conscious intention setting, vision for 5 year, perfect day, set up our action plan, and putting it into motion. We spent the afternoon at the beach practicing the merging.

    I am lighter, happier, full of energy and joy. The kids have been so helpful. Without being asked they choose to clean the house Saturday. They have each expressed how proud of me they are and I have found little notes and flowers on my desk.

    The coolest part of this was the synergistic effects of me shifting and trusting in relation to my husband. On his own, from his discoveries at the summit, realized it was his responsibility to place boundaries on his time at work. And part of that was in his weekly planning and scheduling. Thursday night he realized that we need to cultivate a relationship outside business and out side family. And someday we will work together in the business world again.

    I am so grateful to everyone who assisted in the creation and participation. I'm excited to participate in more events like this!

    Jennifer Meehan

    Case Study 2

    “I have been taking fearless daily action to be true to myself and the world since the event.”

    I attended in San Diego because I LOVE the Mindvalley courses. I also have recently realized that my calling in this life is much bigger than I realized once I embarked on this path I am on. I have been looking to connect with people who will push me, enlighten me and guide me to greater personal development and consciousness heights than what I have been able to achieve to this point in my life.

    I went into it with an open mind and an open heart and ready to take everything in. I absolutely loved being challenged and enlightened by the speakers and attendees that I connected with. One thing that stuck with me in a big way was Lisa Nichol's message of 'nothing to prove, nothing to hide, nothing to defend and nothing to protect'. That message helped me realize that I have been hiding my gifts and have been afraid to share them with people. But I am certain that is what has been holding me back with my business/life purpose growth - I have been hiding what I actually bring to the table when promoting my work!

    Since then I have been taking fearless daily action to be true to myself and the world about what I have to offer and to boldly promote raising society's level of consciousness through personal intuitive development.

    The internal barriers and limitations I had within myself broke free as a result of attending and I am now so excited and confident to tell the world that I am an Intuitive Guide and Educator of Life and Health Transformation!!!!

    Shannon Russell

    This was beyond my expectations!

    I thought the event pretty much was I expected. Meet wonderful people, get wonderful learnings. But wow, this was much better and beyond my expectations! The exercises were very connected me so from now, I know this event is transforming my future :)

    Carolina Lopez Saglietti
    President of Innova-Quality Services

    It doesn't matter how old you are, you can get your Dreams

    I think what Vishen is doing is so incredible. He is different than any other speaker or author. He is up to the 21st century. Helping people beyond spirituality and I'm very very happy to have come here.

    Rosa Lilia Castellano


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I buy a ticket at the door?

    Our events typically sell out weeks, if not months, in advance. Mindvalley Reunion has limited seating, and so we strongly suggest reserving your ticket as soon as possible. In the event that there are last minute cancellations, we may have limited tickets available for purchase at the door, but we strongly advise to secure your spot now to ensure you don’t miss out.

    Plus, you save lots of money when you purchase your event in advance.

    What is NOT included in the cost of the ticket?

    Flights, hotel accommodation and meals are not included in the ticket price. If you’d like to stay at the hotel, you can reserve your room here.

    Can I update my registration information?

    You will be able to edit your information through the platform in which you purchased your tickets at anytime.  If you run into any trouble, you can always reach out to our team.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    Mindvalley Reunion does not offer refunds for any tickets purchased. In the event you can’t make it to Mindvalley Reunion, you can transfer your ticket to a family member, friend, business partner, or associate with no additional costs. All transfer requests must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

    Is my ticket transferrable to someone else?

    Yes, you can transfer your ticket to a family member or a friend to attend the event. Please send an email to  events@mindvalleysupport.com adding Mindvalley Reunion ticket transfer to the subject line and including the full name and email address of the person you’re transferring the ticket to and our team will take care of the rest :)

    What airport should I fly into?

    The major airport is San Diego International Airport, located 8 miles away from Marriott Mission Valley San Diego hotel. Taxis are readily available at the airport.

    How can I best prepare for the event?

    If you would like to get a jumpstart on the new concepts and models that will be shared at Mindvalley Reunion, we recommend that you read The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani, as the event is based modelled from the book.

    The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is a blueprint of laws to break us free from the shackles of an ordinary life. It makes a case that everything we know about the world is mostly decided not by rational choice – but instead by conditioning and habit. And thus, most people live their lives based on limiting rules and outdated beliefs about pretty much everything – love, work, money, parenting, sex, health and more—which they inherit and pass on from generation to generation Know more about it here>>

    Is there Wi-Fi?

    Wifi is provided complimentary in rooms and in the conference room.

    How much is the parking at the hotel?

    The hotel offers a complimentary day parking at the conference center for guests and a discounted self-parking at $15 for overnight parking.

    What should I bring with me?

    Please bring with you a notebook and pen, an extra layer of clothing (as the conference room can get quite chilly at times), and your ID as we may need to verify your ticket during registration. The most important thing is that you bring a positive attitude and the willingness to learn, grow and have a lot of fun!

    What is Mindvalley?

    Founded in 2003 by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley is a learning experience company that publishes ideas and teachings by the best authors in personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality, productivity, mindfulness and more – serving three million students, subscribers and followers worldwide.

    Through our digital education platforms, online academies, mobile apps, content platforms and live events, we give you access to transformational knowledge that empowers you to expand your boundaries, unleash your potential and lead an extraordinary life – on your terms.

    Visit Mindvalley here >> www.Mindvalley.com

    When is Mindvalley Reunion happening?

    Mindvalley Reunion is a 2-day event taking place on Saturday, August 19 to Sunday, August 20, 2017 at the Marriott Mission Valley San Diego in California.

    The seminar session starts at 10AM sharp and ends around 6PM on both days. Registration starts at 8AM on Saturday, August 19th.

    In addition, there will be a full day pre-event workshop with bestselling author and star of “The Secret”, Lisa Nichols on Friday, August 18th, valued at $1000 that will be complimentary for Mindvalley Reunion attendees. The workshop will start around 11AM and ends around 5PM.

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