How To See People For Who They Truly Are

What do you see when you see another human being?

Do you stop at the superficial: their hair color, skin color, or the clothes they're wearing?

Or do you instead take the time to look beyond what is on the surface, and see them and love them for who they really are: someone with hopes and dreams; someone with a mother, father, and family; someone who is an irreplaceable part of the fabric of the universe, just like you?

For centuries, we've been taught to divide ourselves, focus on the differences between people, and ostracize those who don't fit the mold. Wars have even been waged over "invisible" differences — such as religion — until we stopped looking at each other as brothers and sisters, and instead became enemies.

But what if we instead recognized the power of unity?

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What if we recognized that, underneath the labels society gives us, we are all the same?

In this incredibly moving video, artist and writer Prince Ea, recites his powerful poem of unity, featuring people and families of all different ethnicities, colors and sizes.

After all, finding love shouldn't be limited to the color of our skin. The underlying message is beautifully simple: it's time to strip away the labels and focus on what unites us.

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Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani

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