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How do we balance wanting and having it all? In this episode, Vishen Lakhiani interviews the couple who has helped thousands build extraordinary lives. Jon and Missy Butcher are not personal growth gurus but have become legends in the field. They prove that it’s possible to live a uniquely crafted life that most have only wished for. They have created a strong love relationship, defy aging, make traveling as a family part of their children’s education, and run multiple businesses at the same time.

Jon and Missy will share:

  • The commitment they made as a couple in the beginning of their lives together;
  • What they did when they found out their child has a learning difficulty;
  • The quote that changed their lives forever;
  • How they sustain their marriage and have a thriving love relationship;
  • The 12 categories that will help you craft a life that’s uniquely yours;
  • The 4 questions in Lifebook that redefines goal-setting;
  • What happens when you introduce Lifebook in your workplace;

The 12 Categories Of Lifebook

Lean in at minute 23:00 of the episode as Jon explains the 12 categories that will help you set life goals more strategically.

1. Your Health and Fitness
2. Your Intellectual Life
3. Your Emotional Life
4. Your Character
5. Your Spiritual Life
6. Your Love Relationship
7. Parenting
8. Your Social Life
9. Your Financial Life
10. Your Career
11. Your Quality of Life
12. Your Life Vision

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