The Common Misconception About Meditation

"If you go into meditation with an unrealistic expectation of
'mind, stop thinking,' you're always going to
feel like a failure and you're going to quit."

– Emily Fletcher

Ever feel like your mind just won't shut up during your meditation practice? When you catch yourself "thinking," do you start thinking about how you're thinking?

Founder of Ziva Meditation, Emily Fletcher, shares her insight on the highly relatable mistake people make when meditating.

From this 2-minute video, you’ll understand:

  • The deep and widespread misconception on meditation that has led to this phenomenon; 
  • The two main umbrellas of meditation practiced around the world;
  • Emily's modern-day meditation technique to liberate you from this mental prison. 

Here's a great insight from the video:

"...the point of meditation is to get good at life,
not to get good at meditating."

– Emily Fletcher

Discover a deeper understanding of meditation and the three ways you can enrich your life with meditation in Emily Fletcher’s brand new Masterclass, Meditation for Super Performance.

Are you guilty of thinking about thinking while meditating? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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