Replacing The World's Most Popular Drug

Caffeine is by far the world's most popular drug.

Almost 90% of North Americans consume caffeine on a daily basis, whether in coffee, tea or soda form.

So what makes this psychoactive drug so wildly popular?

We've made caffeine a daily ritual in our lives because we know we need to be energized and productive, especially on days where we didn't get enough rest or we have a long to-do list.

But even though caffeine is popular, most of us don't know the specifics about how caffeine affects our body and brain. Caffeine has some amazing benefits — but what about its costs?

The truth about coffee and caffeine is that they're not the best, most sustainable way for you to boost your productivity.

Emily Fletcher Meditation Is New Caffeine The M Word

The Most Effective Way To Improve Your Productivity

In this Google Talk, the founder of Ziva Meditation, Emily Fletcher, explains why meditation is actually the best productivity tool.

Watch the video to learn:

  • (2:29) — The scientific benefits and costs of caffeine on your body, brain and functioning;

  • (5:16) — Why meditation is the new caffeine, how it can be more effective than sleep and the two main types of meditation;

  • (15:21) — Why stress isn't always bad for your body but can become toxic;

  • (26:35) — How to not let goals get in the way of your success and happiness;

  • (39:23) — A simple guided demonstration of a meditation style designed to improve your productivity in the modern world.

Discover more about how you can replace coffee with meditation to be more efficient, energized, and creative in this full talk.

If you want to improve your productivity, Emily Fletcher's Masterclass on Meditation for Super Performance is absolutely FREE and plays on Mindvalley Academy.

What helps you feel more energetic and productive throughout your day: coffee or meditation? Share in the comments below.

Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher is one of the world’s leading experts in meditation. She’s been invited to teach at places like Google, Harvard Business School and The Omega — but that’s a stark contrast to the busy, stressed Broadway performer that she was years earlier. During her 10-year career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers and A Chorus Line, she started to go grey at 27, suffer from insomnia and get sick 4-5 times a year. Thankfully, she discovered a powerful meditation practice that cured her insomnia and improved her health on the first day. After years of studying ancient practices in India and teaching thousands of high performers, Emily created Ziva Meditation, a mental technique that combines the stress-relieving benefits of meditation with the mental clarity of mindfulness.

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