You would probably like to become better at manifesting abundance.

But instead of trying to draw it to you, let’s take a different approach: allowing it by being happy and grateful. Yes, this kind of sounds too good to be true, but in a moment you’ll see why it’s so effective.

Are you happy, right now, with what is?

Probably not, right?

Most likely you are focused on your problems – including lack of abundance. Happiness is what allows abundance in, so let’s work on quickly creating that happy state of mind.

First, choose to be happy with the abundance you already have (which is more than you think). How can you do this? By feeling gratitude and appreciation. Be grateful and appreciative of everything in your life, especially the struggles and difficult people – they are your greatest teachers.

Without the hardships, the luxuries would be meaningless. Without the lows, the highs would not be as exquisite. So appreciate what you’ve experienced so far. That’s the first step to happiness.

Next, love yourself. You’ll have trouble experiencing the abundance you want until your subconscious mind accepts the notion that:

  • you are worthy of abundance
  • you are capable of attracting, creating and manifesting abundance

young woman smiling near window while drinking a cup of coffee

Many thoughts we have on a daily basis are self-denying and self-defeating. All they do is keep us from experiencing the abundance that is available.

How do you feel about the statements you just read?

Do you feel worthy of abundance, or is it “for other people”?

Do you believe you are capable of achieving abundance in its many forms, or do you believe you cannot?

We all have recurring thought patterns that essentially guide our lives. These are the deeply ingrained beliefs about how the world works and our place in it. Unfortunately, they’re not always self-loving beliefs. Think about your most cherished goal for a moment.

How do you feel about your worthiness and ability to achieve it?

Will you act on that dream, or are the doubts and fears keeping you from going for it?

Do you believe that abundance is a natural and normal part of life?

Choose to be happy and see abundance all around you

How can you get past those silent saboteurs, your self-limiting beliefs and low vibrations that hold you back from abundance? Raising your vibration and self-reprogramming go hand in hand to bring about abundance.

First, study the teachings in the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit. Here, you learn how to connect with the Source; how to connect with your angels and spirit guides (who are here to assist you in any way you need); and how to connect with your higher self, who can show you like no one else can, what is possible for you.

Other ways to raise your happiness and gratitude levels:

  • Do more of what makes you feel good, and do less of what makes you feel bad.
  • Choose to have a positive outlook and see the silver linings in every situation.
  • Smile more and complain less.
  • Give more, with no thought of reward.

So why the focus on happiness as a manifesting tool?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a funk, nothing seems to go your way?

Everything feels extraordinarily difficult; life is a chore; and all you can focus on is what’s wrong… your energetic vibration is very low when you’re in a funk.

So guess what you attract when you worry, criticize, blame, complain and resent?

By contrast, when you’re on an emotional high (which can be from an accomplishment, a success – or a CHOICE to be happy and exuberant), everything FLOWS. So if you choose to be happy (which does take some practice) you’ll see an immediate upswing in your vibration and consequently in the abundance you notice and experience.

young woman laying in a field and smelling a flower

Yes, “notice.” Often, when we’re focused on what’s going wrong and what’s difficult, we lose sight of the incredible abundance around us all the time. It’s easy to spiral into depression and despondency when nothing is going right – but instead of looking at these symptoms as things to correct (by working harder, getting a second job, etc.) go at it from within: CREATE a state of well-being, gratitude and happiness, and feel your energetic vibration raise almost instantly. When you choose to notice and to appreciate the abundance that is all around you right now, you open the door for more.

And then… the good stuff starts flowing in…

  • Synchronicity: you’ll notice weird coincidences and things coming together as if by magic. Your higher vibrating energy magnetically draws in more of what you want and repels what you don’t want.

    Raise your vibration and adopt an abundant mindset

  • Opportunities: you’ll notice opportunities where before you were focused on problems. This is when life gets exciting! “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” said Albert Einstein and he was right. You’ll pounce on opportunities because they resonate with your higher vibration. Those opportunities are the “carriers” of the abundance that is coming to you: new jobs, gigs, gifts, relationships, experiences, etc… whatever you desire is available in the opportunities you start noticing.
  • Life becomes as it should be: fun, rewarding, fulfilling, effortless and meaningful. Yes – you read right – this is your natural state of being! If you are experiencing something less than that now, it is because your negative thoughts and beliefs caused you to have a low vibration and you attracted your current circumstances or the unhappy situation you’re experiencing.

While raising your vibration by being happy is part of the equation, it’s not all of it. You’ll still need to act on all of those wonderful opportunities and synchronicities that suddenly present themselves. Sometimes this action is difficult, if you doubt yourself in any way. If you doubt that you’re worthy, or if you doubt you CAN… then you won’t have the burning desire to take action and create even more abundance for yourself.

Manifesting abundance is easy and fun IF you have the right mindset and if you’ve done the work to raise your vibration! Don’t wait to start on your self-work. YOUR abundance awaits!

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