The Big Meditation Paradox

It's the people who lead crazy busy lives that don't know how to fit meditation into their crazy busy day.

But they'd likely benefit from meditation the most.

So how do you break this cycle?

According to Meditation Instructor, Tom Cronin, it all starts with making a small but significant mental shift in how we look at "time."

In this video (at minute 05:08), Tom shares with us a simple model he created called the 72/20 Method, which represents the "72, 20-minute segments in your full 24-hour day."

By breaking down your day in this manner, you'll begin to see how easy it could be to set aside just two of those segments for your meditation practice — regardless of what type of meditation you practice — and how impactful it can be for the rest of your day.

BONUS: Tom also answers one of the biggest questions around meditation: Will meditation interfere with one's religious practices? Go to the 09:00 mark to hear Tom's answer.

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