Breaking All The Brules

When we mindlessly follow rules, we allow our behaviors, dreams and identities to be corralled into socially ordained spaces.

But what happens if your most exceptional self, your most extraordinary life is waiting for you outside those white picket fences?

Would you jump the fence to follow your dreams?

In this 45-minute episode of Impact Theory, American entrepreneur and Quest Nutrition co-founder, Tom Bilyeu, interviews Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani, who explains that many of the beliefs programmed into us are bulls**t rules (brules) that society has adopted to simplify its understand of the world.

Watch this episode to hear:

  • (2:33) — How to untangle the web of brules that shape our world to reveal your true inner identity;

  • (7:29) — Why goal setting doesn't lead to our most happy and fulfilling life paths;

  • (15:40) — The biggest responsibility parents have to their children;

  • (25:16) — Why Vishen believes thinks of himself not as an entrepreneur or philosopher, but an activist for global unity;

  • (33:01) — How a psychological phenomenon called the Expectancy Effect changes our behavior;

  • (35:54) — The newest events, technology and programs coming out of Mindvalley.

Learn how to peel back these limiting and outdated beliefs with this interview between two revolutionary leaders.

Have you noticed any brules that are keeping us back as a society? Share in the comments below.

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