Sometimes all it takes to give yourself a boost is a meaningful mantra or some abundance affirmations.

Mantras and abundance affirmations can be as simple as you need them to be; from the poetic and musical chants of Hindu Worship, to power phrases you mutter under your breath before an important task. They have power because, like prayers, spells, or commands, they are charged with energy.

These abundance affirmations are specifically designed to harness the power of the law of attraction (as well as positive thinking), to call prosperity, wealth, and financial gain into your life. You can say or chant them whenever you see fit (it is recommended to make a ritual of it). And if time allows, you can combine them with meditation. Meditation is, of course, not necessary, but adds a great touch to the positive affirmations and will make them all the more powerful.

If you'd like to use amazing meditation guiding music, this track from Omharmonics is perfect:

Try even writing these affirmations on your arm or on your mirror as a reminder.

You can use as many of these mantras as you see fit. You can also alter or combine them to suit your needs.

One last thing to remember is that although these affirmations are effective, they are only as powerful as you make them. The more thought you give to them, the greater the chance of their manifestation. You must really feel these positive affirmations as you say them or else they will simply be meaningless words you mutter.

1. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.

This is a wonderful mantra to start with because it is an invitation for prosperity to enter your life. What would be the good in coming across wealth or abundance if you could only reject it when it arrives? This states, with clarity, that you are ready to reap the reward of all financial boosts you will encounter.

2. I am surrounded by wealth.

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Don’t you think this sounds like a pep talk? It’s been said many times that if you tell yourself something often enough, you will come to believe it. The law of attraction takes that a step further and says that whatever you give enough thought to will manifest. Asserting your wealth will bring you wealth! This is a great daily affirmation. Believe in it.

3. I deserve prosperity!

This is an important positive affirmation — too often we sell ourselves short because we believe we are not worthy of good things. This is a good one to say loudly (if your environment allows), and it's a great mantra to chant over and over again. It’s fun to say and will lift your spirits. Not to mention, it is the absolute truth!

4. My success is necessary.

Although we don’t like to admit it, money is an important thing in this modern world. This abundance affirmation serves as a reminder that wanting more is not a sin. Whether it’s in your career, at home, or even in recreational activities, success is important to us and can be fulfilling to our spirits. This does indeed make it vital, and this mantra offers motivation to accept nothing less than what you deserve.

5. I live an abundant life.

This keeps it simple and doesn’t only apply to our bank accounts. Meditating on this mantra can bring goodness into your life in all aspects, emotionally and spiritually; at work and at home. Perhaps it will call an abundance of laughter into your life as well as abundance of money!

6. My dreams are coming true.

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So long as you are working on them, this is less of a mantra and more of a fact. You don’t have to see progress for it to exist, and this lovely phrase will give you a power-boost by reminding you that prosperity is on its way. Dreams coming true are always wonderful to bask in, so saying this will certainly put you in a good mood. The more you say it or think about it, the more wonderful it becomes!

7. Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha.

If you are interested in a more traditional mantra, try this Sanskrit mantra, it focuses specifically on abundance. It represents planting the seeds of success, and allowing wealth to grow. This of course is best chanted during meditations.

8. Thank You!

Never forget the simple magic of being thankful for what you have. The more you appreciate, the more you will receive. It’s almost as though gratitude and attraction are two sides of the same coin. No matter how much or little you might have, it will only matter if it adds value to your life. The best way to affirm that appreciation is to say thank you. It doesn’t matter how you say thanks but rather who you say it to. If all else fails, thank yourself. Remember: You deserve it.

Do you have a favorite mantra for abundance that you would like to share? Tell us in the comments!

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