“To heal ourselves we must heal our planet, and to
heal our planet we must heal ourselves.”
– Bobby McLeod

The Biggest Concern Of The Century

In the past couple of weeks, a very dangerous threat has permeated The United States of America.

The danger is that we'll remove protections and systems that keep the earth — and us — healthy. And, because America leads the world, other countries could follow and roll back environmental regulations.

For example, the President of the United States recently signed an act that allows coal companies to dump toxins in rivers. Automobile companies might no longer have to prescribe to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules.

And the current administration wants to abolish the EPA altogether.

All of us know that these rollbacks are going to have a devastating effect on the future. We know that the earth operates as an ecosystem, and most of us want to ensure that our families enjoy an environment free of pollution.

While politicians say these environmental transgressions will create more jobs, we call bullshit.

We know that they're answering to corporations that have poured billions of dollars into lobbying and campaigns to protect their outdated models of living.

And we know that most of you agree. In fact, 64% of Americans say they are worried “a great deal” or “a fair amount” about climate change, and 71% say America should not withdraw from the Paris Accord.

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Every Child Needs To Understand This Powerful Idea

As a responsible company, we wanted to share this talk from inventor and co-founder of Google X Tom Chi on how linked we are to the environment.

This 30-minute talk from Mindvalley A-Fest Mexico 2016 represents one of the most powerful ideas you can learn: it transcends science, religion, politics, social responsibility and humanism.

And it will take us all to the next level.

Tom shares the extent of global interconnectedness without the “mysticism, faith, or cloaked language.” He describes in practical and literal terms how we're linked with these three simple stories:

  1. The story of the heart;
  2. The story of breath;
  3. The story of the mind;

Tom uses amazing scientific facts and mindblowing pictures to share how we're all interconnected, from the cellular level to the universal level.

Hear are some highlights:

  • (1:39) — Learn the mindblowing science behind why every single one of our heartbeats are literally connected;
  • (7:41) — Discover how every single one of the breaths you take contributes to the possibility of countless life after you;
  • (14:00) — Hear the story of how the interconnectedness of the mind enables the impossible to happen;
  • (20:35) — Find out the deeper truth behind humanity's quest and the surprising science behind our unfathomable immortality;
  • (26:35) — See two simple charts that map how our lives operate and contribute to the bigger picture.

Watching this video will transform how you think of yourself in relation to your family, friends, society and world. And once we realize how interconnected we all are, we can consciously learn how to create a better world.

Here's one more profound teaching from Tom:

"The purpose of your life is longer than your consciousness lasts. The purpose
of your life exists on this time frame you will not be able to understand, but is more fundamental, more deep because of it.” 

- Tom Chi

You have what it takes to create an impact and positive change in the world. Join other brilliant minds at Mindvalley A-Fest and learn how you can take your life's purpose to the next level.

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Mindvalley A-Fest is an invite-only community of 1000+ extraordinary people from 40+ countries who come together to connect, grow, support each other, and learn from the world's best teachers.

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