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Spiritual growth is not supposed to be difficult.

But from time to time, we get stuck in a rut and our growth stagnates. In this insightful  and short video, Jeffrey Allen reveals the simple solutions to the five most common spiritual roadblocks:

1. You can’t find time to do your spiritual practices;

2. You lack the motivation to keep a regular practice;

3. You experience mental resistance and you want to quit;

4. You try too many things and feel overwhelmed;

5. You feel like you’re failing or not doing the practice correctly;

If you're feeling stuck in your spiritual journey, click here to learn how to unlock your spiritual roadblocks in Energy Healer Jeffrey Allen's FREE Masterclass. 

Are there any other spiritual growth roadblocks you’ve faced on your journey? What steps did you take to overcome them? Let us know in the comments below.

Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey Allen has helped thousands of clients over the past 20 years to live in alignment with their true purpose (and energy) — so they feel tremendous confidence; enjoy deeper happiness; attract more love; avoid health struggles; and create more abundance — in other words, finally live the lives they were born to live. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Jeffrey is regarded as a global authority on energy healing and many reputed healers regularly seek him for healing sessions. Hence he’s known as The Healers’ Healer. Through a deep understanding of energy, Jeffrey helps you break through your hidden blocks and create a powerful intuitive awareness, giving you a unique edge in your personal and professional growth.

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