How To Teach Children The Language Of Happiness

We all know that happiness is important — but do we know the language of happiness?

Happiness usually seems elusive to us because we’re not taught to practice the habits that lead to a happy lifeOur modern education system focuses solely on subjects like math or writing but ignores the most important skills — life skills, such as happiness.

And learning the habits of happiness has never been more important.

Across countries and cultures, the data shows that debilitating depression and stress are on the rise in children.

That's why it's more imperative than ever that we solve this global problem by teaching our children how to manage their happiness.

We usually start to consciously search for happiness in our adulthood — but it’s easiest to learn these practices when we’re young. Children’s brains are primed to learn new skills, and studies show that children learn languages faster than adults do.

So why don't we teach children the language of happiness?

In this TED talk, educator Erin Michelle Threlfall shares the amazing results that happen when we make happiness a part of the curriculum.

Watch this 20-minute talk to hear:

  • (8:08) — The 5 basic habits of happy people, according to research;

  • (10:37) — The importance of happiness in our lives and in our community;

  • (13:50) — The transformative effects on students who take Happiness 101;

  • (18:18) — How to positively impact the world by spreading happiness.

Discover how to integrate these positive practices into your daily life to make your family happier.

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What daily habits do you practice to bring happiness into your life? Share in the comments below.

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