Triple Your Success With Passion And Perserverance

How can you improve your chances of success? Many people believe that talent is the primary reason people become successful.

But the truth is that successful people meet their goals because their passion helps them persevere through obstacles.

Grit is the characteristic that allows successful people to overcome their challenges — and even see their challenges as opportunities.

In this video from TED TalksNew York Times bestseller and pioneering psychologist, Angela Lee Duckworth, shares how grit can help spelling bee competitors, teachers and salespeople become leaders in their field.

Unfortunately, schools often focus solely on talent in particular subjects, and fail to recognize perseverance as a major factor in success.

But we can actually learn to improve our grit and increase our chances of success.

Discover in this 6-minute video:

  • (1:58) — How passion and perseverance can improve your life;

  • (4:09) — How to teach your kids and yourself grit;

  • (4:52) — What a “growth mindset” is, and why it’s important.

Watch the video to learn more about how grit can help you — and your kids — succeed.

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How important do you think grit is to success? Share in the comments below.

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