Choose a passion and get ready to run with it

You’re ambitious, you have a million ideas that you’re passionate about but you don't know where to start.

Now chances are, you’re feeling stumped with which direction to run towards. Like many game changers and entrepreneurs, you might be asking yourself repeatedly: What if this is the wrong decision? What if the time spent here goes to waste? How do I translate any of this into a successful business?

Vishen Lakhiani interviews Tom Bilyeu, the Co-Founder and President of Quest Nutrition, to address the questions passionate people have in mind. In this excerpt from Consciousness Engineering, Tom shares his profound insight on how choosing a passion is not as mind-boggling as we thought.

Watch this video and you'll be ready to become truly limitless. Because you'll discover:

  • (0:30) — The honest answer you need to hear straight from Tom about choosing the right passion;
  • (1:00) — There are so many twists and turns in every journey, changing courses is almost inevitable. Don’t fear it;
  • (1:28) — Having an allegiance to a path is not always the smartest decision. Being pragmatic about it is better than being romantic;
  • (2:20) — Tom’s advice on how you can identify your mission and passion. Hint: It’s a game-changing book;
  • (2:40) — The alchemic potion you’ll make when pursuing your passion of choice, broken down by Tom himself;
  • (3:15) — Your passion won’t come in an epiphany moment. It’s only when you go down the rabbit hole and explore it that your interests turns into something more meaningful.

The first step is always the hardest but never be afraid. If you're curious about the experience of owning a consciously engineered education, watch this video to learn more from Vishen Lakhiani himself. 

Your pathway to greatness begins with the first step. Choose your passion and pursue your successful business today. You can learn Vishen Lakhiani’s framework for success and fulfillment in Mindvalley Academy’s upcoming Masterclass on Consciousness Engineering.


Do you have more than one passion you would like to turn into a thriving business? Turn your passion into a decision process and share your insights in the comments below.

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